81-87 C10 Carbon Fiber Pin-On Race hood

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81 C10 Hood.png

81-87 C10 Carbon Fiber Pin-On Race hood

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For Race Only - If you don’t know what that means, this probably is not for you.

New stealth-series ALL Carbon Fiber PIN-ON drag hood for 81-87 Squarebody or blazer up to 91. These hoods are built to be light and strong for race truck applications where the hood will be attached with pins. The understructure where stock hinges and hood latch typically attach to eliminate weight and unnecessary hardware. The weight of this hood will average around 15 lbs.

Comes in high-build top coat - no exposed carbon on the exterior - your competition won’t know what you’ve got. Only you and us will know your hood is ridiculously light and ridged.

Production numbers will remain low so these will be exclusive pieces.

Shipping Details

Shipping is not included in your purchase. Because of the size, freight shipping will be required. After your hood is ordered we will provide you with freight shipping options to ship your hood from Wichita Falls, Tx. Freight shipping will need to be paid in full prior to the hood being released to the shipping company for deliver.


Most hoods are made to order. Lead times will vary but expect 60-90 days on average if we do not have your specific hood in stock. 

All The Details You Need To know:

  • Top-side finish is build top coat ready to scuff-and-shoot color or wrap with race sponsor livery. The focus of this hood is to be light and stealth so no heavy clear coat exposed carbon weave on this specific hood.

  • Underside Finish and Quality - The Underside is exposed, unfinished carbon fiber. No clear coat or high-build applied.

  • Shipping is going to be freight because this dude is a big box. Once we have the hood ready to go into a crate, we will provide freight shipping options for you. Payment for shipping will be due separate from hood purchase and is required before hood is shipped.

  • Stock Hinges - there are no provisions for stock hinges. This hood is intended for race trucks using pin style attachments.

  • Give us a call if you have any questions before you order. 951-275-3598