67-68 C10 Fenders

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67-68 C10 Fenders

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Wait... Carbon Fiber Fenders for a C10?!

Made from stock 67 C10 Fenders, these fenders are full carbon fiber reproductions for a tremendously light version of the original fenders. On average, expect to shave 40 lbs. off of your front end by replacing the stock steel fenders with these carbon fiber fenders.


These fenders are designed for performance-intended 67-68 C10s or 69-72 C10s who convert to a 67-68 front end. These fenders will not line up with stock 69-72 hood and grill.

These fenders are intended for race applications where inner fenders are not used.

If you have questions about specs or are a race truck builder seriously looking to join in on the fun (no, you wont get them for free because you have like… a million followers online), shoot us an email: info@munsseyspeedanddesign.com


  • Non-Cosmetic Finish - 2k High Build finish for those who do not wish to show the carbon fiber weave.

  • Exposed Carbon Fiber Finish - Automotive clear coat gloss finish with exposed carbon fiber weave.


Freight Shipping from Wichita Falls, Tx.

Shipping charges will be provided separate from fender purchase. After your fenders are near completion, we will contact you to collect freight shipping details and present freight shipping prices. Shipping will need to be paid in full by the customer before the fenders are released to the freight company for delivery.

Installation Notes

  • Keep in mind that while all of the composite pieces we offer are crafted to be well-fitting on all vehicles, the manufacturing tolerances of older vehicles may require adjustments to assure a perfect fit. These fenders WILL require some elbow grease to assure a good fit.

    If you are not comfortable with fitting body panels or expect parts to magically drop perfectly in place, please don’t consider these fenders. We’ll both be happier that way.

  • Stock hood hinge bolt locations accommodated but Don’t even THINK about running the factory hood hinge springs to support a hood.

Lead Time on Orders

Please allow 6 - 8 weeks for delivery. (these take a while to perfect)